Terms & Returns

Product Return Policy

To be accepted, returns must meet the following characteristics:

- The product should not be worn outdoors.

- The product must be in excellent condition,

- The returned product must correspond to the delivered product

- The product must be returned to its packaging without being damaged (the packaging must not be stuck), the product tabs must NOT be removed and the package in which the product will be placed must be properly closed ,

- The product must be returned within 14 days of receiving the order and request a refund and not necessarily a new order.

In case you wish to return a product, please follow the steps below by sending an email to

An email with the following details must be sent. Call us at 2441072916

- Order number

- Brand / Product code

- Name of the recipient of the order

Reason for return

- Courier company where the delivery took place

You can use the following form for your own convenience, by filling in:

Note to GLERIA,…,…,… at the email

My name is ......

I would like to return the product (s) I received.

Order number:

Product code:

The order was placed on …… and received on… ..

Recipient Name:

Reason for return:

Courier company:

Once you receive a reply confirmation email from us, please send us the product with the same company you received it and then send us the return shipping number.

The return of the products is done at the address:





2441072916 / 6988887594

Money return

You have the right to a refund of the amount of your order, within fourteen (14) days from the day of shipment of the products, informing us, if something did not satisfy you.

In this case you will be charged with the return and management costs of your order. The return is made to a bank account (IBAN) that will be indicated by the customer.

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